US and China meeting sign: will not bow down first

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US and China meeting sign: will not bow down first 3

Edinburgh, 01 Aug 2021 :

On Monday, the summit of the leaders of China and America ended inconclusively. Although both sides talked about improving the relationship, the signs are saying something else.

After the talks between the leaders of America and China, neither the results were announced, nor any outline of the future meetings was given. Both sides said that in order to improve the relationship, some relief will have to be given to the front. The only indication from this meeting was that the relationship between the two superpowers has become very cold at this time.

US officials say Vice Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s visit to the northern Chinese coastal city of Tianjin and meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi there was an opportunity to soften the growing rivalry between the two powers so that the rivalry could turn into a dispute. Do not change

But the kind of tough statements that have come from both sides after the meetings is the same since the March meeting in Alaska, while the leaders of the two countries met each other after the first meeting since President Joe Biden took office. Criticisms were heard.

you first, you first
However, officials are also saying that the closed-door meetings were comparatively more cordial. And after Tianjin, there has not been the same dryness as it was seen in Alaska, but both sides have not been able to choose a path to move forward together.

Sherman accused China of violating the law-based international order. These include China’s repression in Hong Kong, torture of Uighurs and other minority communities in Xinjiang, human rights abuses in Tibet, and attacks on media freedom.
A US government official told reporters, ‘I think it would be wrong to say that America is in any way trying to get China’s cooperation. It is for China to decide how prepared they are to take the next step.

On the other hand, the Chinese side said that the ball was in America’s court. Referring to the unilateral sanctions imposed by the US, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “As far as respecting international rules is concerned, America has to think again.”
understanding difference

Bonnie Glasser, an Asia expert at the German Marshall Fund of America, says that it is very important for both sides to maintain some kind of dialogue, but after Tinjian, there has been no consensus nor anything decided about the future.

Glasser says, ‘This will make America and its allies uncomfortable. They are expecting more stability in US-China relations. Glosser says that if both sides keep sitting in the hope that the front will bow down first, then both will be disappointed.

There is a possibility that Joe Biden may meet Chinese President Xi Jinping during the G20 meeting to be held in October. By the way, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki says that there was no talk about this in Tinjian, but in the coming time, there will definitely be an opportunity for dialogue.

Eric Sayers, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says the two sides do not seem to be unanimous about the diplomatic dialogue at the moment. Says Sayers, ‘What was seen in Tinjian was that the understanding of the two sides about the importance and role of diplomatic dialogue is very different from each other right now.’

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