Antibodies can cause blood clots, know Expert Advice

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Edinburgh, 01 Aug 2021 :

Scientists have done so much research in these two years while treating the coronavirus epidemic. Hardly any research or vaccine would have been made so fast. At the same time, for the first time, a virus would have mutated so fast, which is happening now. The first side effects of the vaccine were revealed in which blood clotting started. After this, it is being raised in research that after the formation of antibodies, blood clots can be formed. This is the first thing that has come to the fore in research on this. But let us know what the experts say.

Blood clotting after antibody formation is a big deal and is a matter of concern at some point. Webdunia discussed this topic with Dr. Ravi Dosi at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science in Indore. He told that ‘Antibodies do not cause blood clots. Sometimes even after the end of Kovid, this can happen as a side effect. Which is called long covid. Due to the poison of Kovid, there is a thickening of the blood and these blood clots. Antibodies are helpful in a way.

Also, there has been an increase in platelets in the lungs. The reason behind this is that ‘Platelets coagulate blood and the poison of Kovid starts sticking the platelets to each other.’ On the other hand, if blood clots start coagulating, then for this, blood-thinning medicine has to be taken for a long time. If you have any organ damage such as the risk of heart attack, the risk of paralysis in the brain, or darkening of the skin of the hands and feet, it will have to be treated.

Research ‘Antibodies can make blood clots

A study recently published in the journal Blood revealed how antibodies produced to protect against Kovid-19 can activate the platelets to cause a blood clotting disease.

At the same time, researchers from Imperial College London, UK, found that the active reaction can be reduced due to various drugs. Platelets are small cells found in the blood that form clots to block blood circulation. However, having abnormal platelets can also lead to many diseases such as heart stroke or heart attack. A professor at the University of Reading, UK, said, ‘At one time there were only possibilities. Antibodies, which are made to stop corona-infected cells from spreading, are what cause clots.

However, there is still more possibility on this. But now more intensive research, the logic of scientists, expert opinion is also necessary. At the same time, if more and more people get infected, will herd immunity be formed? Because the number of infected is increasing once again.

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